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Wessel-Werk Adjustable Power Nozzle & Wand
The latest Wessel-Werk designed full size power nozzle for central vacuum systems, the EBK360 powered carpet brush. An excellent power brush and power wand combo for replacement of older worn or broken power nozzles. This replacement power brush is sold as a set with matching wand and fits most standard central vacuum power hoses. Most power brush central vacuum hoses sold in the last 15 years are the common PCM (Plastiflex Cord Managment) flush connection. Along with the Plastiflex brand hoses, the PCM connection system is used in may other brands including models from BEAM, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, Royal, Hoover, Centec, Hanmi and many more. If you need assistance with matching the hose type or confirming the fitment of the EBK360 with your exisitng hose please contact us.

The Wessel-Werk EBK360 power brush is available in a full central vacuum attachment set with hose and tools in Aspria's Souverän powerbrush attachment set, models CVA360, CVA360D and CVA360U. Item EBK360QDCW includes both Wessel-Werk power brush (black in color) and Myraton MYR67WW stainless steel telescopic integrated wand. If you are unsure about fit with your existing hose or system please contact our experts for assistance with your power nozzle needs.

Wessel-Werk EBK360QDCW Features & Specifications

  • EBK360 Power Brush
    • Reinforced Cogged Belt
    • Powerful 2.5A Brush Motor
    • Sculpted Brush Roller
    • Edge Cleaning Design
    • 5-Position Height Adjustment
    • Quick Disconnect Neck
    • Overmolded Soft Wheels
    • LED Array Headlamp
  • Stainless Steel Telescopic Power Wand
    • Integrated Power Cord
    • Double Quick Release
    • Extends 24.75" - 38.5"
    • Easy-Release Tab
    • Brushed Finish

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand Better, Smarter, Faster.
The Wessel-Werk EBK360 is the latest powered carpet nozzle to continue the tradition of high quality German design. The EBK360 is the second generation of full size EBK (Electric Brush Combination), following the outstanding success of the older EBK340. The EBK360 model includes features more commonly required by the USA vacuum market including step-on height adjuster, new technology features like the LED headlight array and new performance upgrades including the sculptured auger bristle brush roller. Thousands of hours in development at Wessel-Werk research & engineering, the EBK360 powerbrush delivers high powered agitation and sweeping performance in a highly maneuverable chassis with lower noise and less weight than it's predecessor. The 360 Series powerbrush attachment clean better and faster using smarter design and function.

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand Wessel-Werk GmbH
Experience through Tradition - Performance through Innovation

The new EBK360 embodies the ideals of the Wessel-Werk creed. The worlds largest and most respected manufacturer of it's type, Wessel-Werk built more than 14 million vacuum nozzles in 2008 and is widely recognized as the manufacturer of choice for quality and innovation. Wessel-Werk has quietly been designing and manufacturing vacuum nozzles of all types, shapes and sizes. The German manufacturer builds vacuum nozzles for most every vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the world including Electrolux, Hoover, Eureka, BOSCH, Miele, Nutone, Oreck, Airvac, BEAM and many more including our own Aspria brand models.

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand Wessel-Werk does not build vacuum cleaners but instead specializes in design and production of the nozzles all vacuums use. From EBK powered household carpet brush to Industrial Düsa IRD500 (Düsa means "Nozzle"), a nearly 20 inch wide aluminum squeegee brush used to vacuum factory floors. Over the years most every manufacturer has turned to Wessel-Werk to make their vacuums perform better and become easier to use. Wessel-Werks prestigious reputation within the industry is unequaled. Their clients, vacuum nozzle users and even competitors respect the innovative engineering talent at Wessel-Werk that is focused on the task of making the best vacuum nozzles in the world.

The EBK360 is the latest powered brush from Wessel and like all other nozzles Wessel-Werk produces it will be used by many manufacturers to enhance their vacuum system, both portable and central vacuum alike. The EBK360 brings truly all purpose carpet and rug cleaning to the stable of Wessel-Werk vacuum nozzles. An easy to use 5 position height adjuster allows the user to raise and lower the nozzle for the essential balance of brush action and airflow needed to vacuum carpet fibers of any length. Height adjustment also allows the EBK360 to remain easily maneuverable on the most plush of carpet fibers. Adjusting the power brush for the surface you are cleaning lets you set the appropriate brush action and airflow through the nozzle. A powerbrush set too low will brush the carpet but prevents airflow from passing freely through the fibers. This results in a vacuum that is both hard to push and one that does not remove embedded soils. A brush set too high does become easier to maneuver but without proper brush contact debris is not agitated from the carpet resulting in only a surface cleaning which leaves heavy soils in the fibers leading to traffic wear.

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand The 5 position height adjuster offers the correct height to clean any carpeted surface. Height adjustment is activated with a simple step-on button that can be changed at any time while cleaning. A height adjustment indicator window is positioned just above the pedal and viewable while standing behind the powerbrush. The clear lens of the adjuster window lets you easily see the current height position of the powerbrush as you scroll through the adjustments by stepping on the pedal. A second step-on button on top of the powerbrush releases the handle lock that allows the wand to recline in the normal vacuuming position. The handle release locks the wand into the upright position for storage or for quick stops while cleaning to move an object from your path. Locking the handle upright also allows you to transport the nozzle from room to room on it's two rear wheels for easy maneuvering.

The forward looking headlight lens of the EBK360 also holds one of the new features. While it's predecessor improved lamp life many times more than the usual incandescent bulb often found in power nozzles, the fluorescent tube light used in the EBK340 required a heavy steel power ballast that added unnecessary weight to the powerbrush. The EBK360 sports a new lightweight LED headlight array. Five high power LED's provide illumination for cleaning in dimly lit rooms or under beds where brush clogging objects lurk. Like the fluorescent lamp the new LED array shines bright for thousands of hours and is not susceptible to damage by bumps or bangs that invariable happen while vacuuming floors. The LED headlight array also allows the EBK360 to maintain a low profile for cleaning areas under furniture and in toe-kick spaces along cabinets.

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand To increase maneuverability and ease of use all of the EBK360's wheels were enlarged in both diameter and width. Larger wheels prevent the nozzle from sinking in to thick carpeting and becoming sluggish. The rear wheels are also moved back to be centered in the same plane as the swivel wand connector. This allows the vacuum users forward force to be routed to the wheels so the nozzle is moved forward instead of being pushed down into the carpet. The forward wheels ride on the steel height adjuster axel that lays in the base of the nozzle just behind the power brush. The forward wheels keep the front of the nozzle from being driven into the carpet and also provides lift over rises in the floor surface such as thresholds. All four wheels operate on chrome plated steel axels for life long wear. All wheels are also covered with soft molded tires for steady tracking on all floor surfaces and true multi-floor operation that will not damage hard floor surfaces of any kind, including wood or stone.

The bottom of the EBK360 includes many innovative features including Wessel-Werk exclusive designs. The EBK360 provides excellent side cleaning with thread collectors on both side of the nozzle's shoe. The nozzle shoe is the opening that surrounds the brush and the EBK360's shoe is unique in it's fully open design that does not require support ribs like many other brushes.Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & WandThe open shoe allows full brush contact and lessens the "track marks" that other nozzles leave behind. The open shoe is also maintenance efficient and allows easy removal of threads or long hair that may wrap around the brush. Simply run a succor across the brush cutting all the threads and hair, turn the brush over and start the vacuum for quick and clean removal.

The brush roller ends are sealed in the nozzle housing to prevent damaging debris from entering the axel connections or cog belt drive. The vacuum intake is a center mounted funnel that provides even suction and airflow to both sides of the brush roll for consistent performance. A final feature found only on Wessel-Werk power nozzles is the all surface squeegee strip. While most powered nozzles claim to provide hard floor cleaning capability, few actually do. The dry squeegee mounted just behind the brush roller works on all floor surfaces by focusing the suction inside the brush shoe. For both carpets and hard floors the squeegee maintains airflow velocity at the opening that is critical for good pickup. On hard floors the squeegee also prevents debris from passing under the nozzle for more efficient single pass cleaning.

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand Also clearly visible from the bottom of the powerbrush is the new sculptured brush roller. The trim & fit roller utilizes a chevron brush configuration which brings debris that is beaten from the surface to the center mounted vacuum intake more efficiently. The sculptured roller body also moves airflow with paddle action using the motion of the roller agitate, sweep and push debris and airflow into the system.

The solid polycarbonate body of the brush roller is nearly indestructible, high speed balanced and uses thread catchers on each end to prevent debris from entering the axel. The solid core design prevents warpage that leads to excessive vibration and noise, while the steel and bronze bushings provide lifetime wear resistance and protection from dirt and dust in the roller ends. The brush roller operates in a sealed "dirty air" cavity that is filled with negative pressure that moves debris which has been beaten, swept and pushed by the roller. In the "clean air" area of the nozzle the rollers' sprocket connects to the brush to the motor by a geared belt drive.

The geared brush roller and the geared motor are connected by a reinforced high strength geared belt. Like most quality powered nozzles, the EBK360 has a nonslip drive system that directly transfers the power of it's 250 watt brush motor. Unlike powered nozzles using flat rubber belts the EBK360 can provide ultra high speed operation, resulting in superior performance, not possible in rubber belted units. The EBK360's brush motor is also new with some very impressive features. Each end of the motors armature (spinning rotor) is carried in a full size 8mm sealed high speed ball bearing, the same sized used in many vacuums main motors. The armature also has 24 individual commutator bars, double that of most power nozzle motors, resulting in better heat dissipation and longer life. The frame of the motor is a steel skeleton instead of the usual plastic clam shell. The steel frame provides both strength and heat dissipation, the later of which is provided by a full diameter cooling fan.

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand In a departure from standard design the brush roller motor is protected from overheating ny use of a thermal link which is banded to the motors copper windings. The thermal link automatically severs power to the motor when a set temperature is reached and reconnects power when the motors temperature falls below a safe level. Primary cooling is provided by the motors own full diameter cooling fan which pulls clean air from under the nozzle hood to wash over the motor while running. Not content to rely solely on the motors built in cooling fan, Wessel-Werk provides an elegant engineering solution to secondary cooling for the brush motor. Within the intake throat (the dirty air side) of the nozzle housing a small port is opened and ducted across a slot and into the motor compartment and the belt drive compartment.

Using a small bit of the vacuums suction, cool air is moved through hidden vents at both rear wheels. The cool clean airflow is carried over the motors commutator and brushes where significant heat is generated. Cool clean air is also pulled through the compartment housing the brush roller sprocket, geared belt and motor pulley keeping the area both clean of debris and cool from the forces of friction. All of the critical heat generating components of the EBK360 are provided continuous cooling when connected with the vacuum system, even when the brush motor is not running. A design such as secondary brush cooling is inconceivable to vacuum cleaner manufacturers just makes common sense to a vacuum cleaner nozzle manufacturer.

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand The vacuum cooling and cleaning chamber is just one of the many unique features in the new EBK360, but the innovation our staff liked the most may not be something that you would immediately recognize as significantly important. The cleaning power of the EBK360 carpet nozzle is derived from it's powerful, high speed geared belt driven brush roller. Geared belt systems require control hardware and firmware to protect the motor from jamming in the brush and properly regulate performance. Like most other geared belt drive system the EBK360 will shut down the motor if an obstruction blocks the brush from spinning. If you accidently vacuum a sock into the nozzle the control system will shut down the brush in less than a second. Once you remove the obstruction and restart the powerbrush the control circuit will reset and your ready to clean - no harm, no foul.

These vacuum control systems consist of many components and most often the parts are soldered to a circuit board. Diodes, potentiometers, resisters, regulators, sensors and breakers on a match-book sized circuit board formed the heart of the geared belt control system. Most everyone whom has taken an electromechanical device in for repair has heard the words "It's the control board". Soldered circuit control boards are not the most reliable components, particularly inside the harsh environment of a vacuum powerbrush. The EBK360 has for the first time done away with the "circuit control board".

Fewer parts with lower replacement cost and higher reliability are now provided in a conectorized environment within the EBK360. In addition to the motor mounted self-resetting thermal breaker, a single circuit self-resetting overload protector takes the place of old fashioned mechanical push-button circuit breakers and sensors. To assure proper activation of the circuit protector and eliminate EMI feedback from the motor an inline electronic noise suppressor smooths out the power delivered to the system. That's it., the entire control system is held in two external modules with inline connectors. We never like circuit control boards in power nozzles, that's why the new electrical system in the EBK360 is our favourite new feature.

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand The same common sense engineering solutions are applied to other areas inside the power brush including the height adjuster which uses a steel reinforcement bar inside the step-on pedal to work with steel lever in the nozzle base to move the adjuster. Incredible engineering goes into every aspect of designing and using the EBK360 powerbrush right down to the rear wheels. Most other nozzle systems use a plastic axel inserted or molded as part of the wheel. The EBK360 uses a steel axel with a floating wheel the gives the nozzle easy movement and lifelong wear in a part that is often a problem for other nozzles after just a few years or normal use.

We can get an overall idea of engineering within the EBK360 by looking at the last component under the powered nozzles hood, the steel counter balance plates. While no other power nozzle manufacturer has ever considered the need to balance the weight of the motor inside the nozzle, Wessel-Werk never considered the idea of not doing so. Experience through Tradition - Performance through Innovation This is the culture of design at Wessel-Werk.

Some central vacuum cleaner companies make their own powered nozzle and it is only a smaller part of the larger machine they must produce to have a complete product offering. Wessel-Werk makes only vacuum nozzles. Each nozzle is the complete machine and the singular concern of Wessel-Werk. Every nozzle design is built to stand on it's own and increase the efficiency of the vacuum system it's customer (the vacuum cleaner manufacturer) connects it to.

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand In the mind of a Wessel-Werk nozzle design engineer the brushing performance, noise profile, reliability and ease of usage are all calculations based on a balanced nozzle design. An unbalanced nozzle may exhibit higher wear on one side of the brush roller or may pull the nozzle to one side during operation. Without the counter weight, side cleaning could be negatively effected, an unwelcome noise could be introduced or airflow may be shifted resulting in lower efficiency in part of the nozzle. These small deficiencies may matter very little to the manufacturer building a suction canister power unit, but are unacceptable to the manufacturer obsessed with a singular goal of building the worlds finest vacuum nozzle.

This is the reason why Wessel-Werk remains the worlds premier vacuum nozzle manufacturer. Engineering details have consequences for cleaning system performance, something often overlooked by vacuum manufacturers building those bright shinny portable vacuums who seem more concerned with winning the beauty contest on the store shelves (Sorry Dyson!).

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand One component of the EBK360 that was carried over from it's predecessor is the fully articulating swivel joint, commonly referred to as the nozzles neck. The unique design of the swivel joint in vacuum nozzles is a known Wessel-Werk trait. The swivel joint makes the powered brush steerable. Turn the hose handle and the power nozzle turns with you. The steerable neck allows you to vacuum in a more natural pattern instead of the tiring push-pull fan pattern that is required to position other powered nozzles with regular tilting-only necks. The articulating joint tilts a full 90° which allows the handle to lay completely flat while the powerbrush stays on the floor for cleaning. This lets you insert the power nozzle under furniture and beds for removing dust and allergens. The articulating joint also swivels a full 180° left and right for exceptional maneuverability in cleaning around furniture and other objects on the floor. The EBK360's neck also has one other feature, a function that symbolizes convenience in central cleaning systems: Quick Disconnect.

A simple to use toe-operated pedal on the swivel joint unlocks the neck of the power brush from the vacuum wand. Before QDC (quick disconnect) the regimen to change vacuum nozzle was cumbersome at best. Pushing small buttons with your fingers, unplugging the power cord from under the hose grip, twisting the vacuum wand from the nozzle and finally reconnecting a new nozzle. For many with low hand strength the torture of pushing in the metal button while twisting and pulling the nozzle from the wand resulted in an unwillingness to change tools all together. With the EBK360's QDC you push on the release pedal with your toe and pull the wand straight out of the nozzle by it's hose grip. No buttons, no cords, no problem.

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand The EBK360 powered nozzle is connected to the vacuums hose by the Inox class MYR67WW integrated stainless steel telescopic wand from Myraton. Inox Class MYR67WW telescopic wand is a double QDC button lock integrated power cord wand designed specifically for use with Wessel-Werk powered nozzles.

The swivel neck of the powered nozzle has a recessed power connector and button lock receiver. When the wand is connected to the nozzle the matching power plug from the wand is connected to the recessed receiver and the button lock wand is connected with it's matching lock receiver resulting in a suction and electric connection that mates perfectly with no leaks.

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerbrush & Wand The new integrated power cord design not only covers the external hanging coil-cord, it also sports a new hose end connection system. The integrated wand expands to 38½ inches in length, the reach required to use with a powered nozzle for carpet cleaning. Push button extension and retraction glides to position in one inch increments with a fully collapsed length of 24¾ inches. The Integrated wands exceptional quality is evident in both design and build using a proven Myraton telescoping platform that offers many years of trouble free service.

The Myraton integrated stainless steel wand is a work of art as much as a technical achievement. The new design fuses the upper cord management connection with the hose quick release button. The cord management connection keeps the integrated cord in place at all times and ready for use with a flush connection electric hose. The integrated power cord uses a mini coil concealed within a telescopic sleeve to extend in length with the wand and terminates in the quick release connector used on the Wessel-Werk EBK360 power nozzle. This integrated design along with direct connect hose systems is the final key that completely eliminates external cords of any kind in the powerbrush attachment set, which increases reliability and adds incredible maneuverability to a now fully integrated product from inlet to nozzle.

High quality stainless steel construction offers the strongest wand design available with permanent, life long stain and corrosion resistance. Beautiful brushed finish shows quality workmanship that will not rust, chip, scratch or peel and will remain functional and good looking for years to come. The highly reliable interference ratchet locking system is exceptionally smooth to operate with extended life offering years of trouble free service.


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